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 Looking for RP Partner?

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Lady Izaya

Lady Izaya

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Looking for RP Partner? Empty
PostSubject: Looking for RP Partner?   Looking for RP Partner? EmptySat Sep 29, 2018 9:59 am

{{No, this is not a topic asking specifically about me; I just thought this would be nice for people to have, especially if they can't get on the CB or discord because of browser problems or something.}}

Need someone to RP with? What about a spar? No one on the CB to talk to or ask? Can't find anyone you know, too shy to directly ask other people you don't know?


THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! ^_^ Just post a little "application" in a post. Think of this as kind of a "Help Wanted" add page. Just put these small amounts of information in your post:

[size=14][font=Times New Roman][color=#666666]Character's Name: [/color]{What's your name in character}
[color=#4C4C4C]Location: [/color]{Where you are}
[color=#333333]Mood: [/color]{What mood is your character in right now}
[color=#191919]RP or Spar: [/color]{Self explanatory. So you want an RP or a Spar?}
[color=#000000]Other: [/color]{Any other information you'd like to include, such as specifics about the RP or Spar [Like a limit on how many people may join, if you'd rather have new people or people you already know, etc.]}

The Colors!

And someone can either answer you here, through a PM, or just show up where you're posting ^_^

Lady Izaya
Lady Izaya
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Looking for RP Partner?
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