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 Ryusei, Hisha

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PostSubject: Ryusei, Hisha   Ryusei, Hisha EmptyTue Nov 06, 2018 5:44 pm

Hisha Ryusei

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Clan: Ryusei
Village: Kazengakure
Rank: D | Genin

Height: 5'2
Weight: 125
Appearance: Short and doomed to be chronically so, the young man has filled out rather nicely post puberty, mostly due to a life consisting nearly entirely of rigorous training. Thus, as with many of his peers, he tends more towards the muscly side than an average young teenager might, though this is magnified by his shorter stature. He has a typically pale complexion despite the amount of time he spends outside and burns rather easily in the sun if he is not careful, which he usually is not.

His jawline has squared out as well as he's grown a bit holder though it still bears no hair whatsoever. His mouth is averagely sized for his face though his lips are quite thin and his nose is extremely small almost to the point of it disappearing entirely into his face, the tip turned up into a snub shape. His eyes are wide, rather narrow, and sharply slanted, which seems to be growing ever more exotic. The whites of said eyes dominate nearly the entirety of those eyes with only a small fraction of them containing the beady, red irises, making him frequently mistaken for an Uchiha. This does not please him.

He does almost no maintenance upon his hair, allowing the pale, yellow-white locks to fall every which way at a medium length, though he makes sure to keep it from blocking his vision. While nearly transparent, his hair is overly full of volume, causing it to stick up all over in a kind of perpetual, semi-spiky bedhead affect.

Finally, though most notably, are the slate-gray vents which cover nearly all of his body, save for his face, in a peppering of generally symmetrical

Apparel: On a daily basis he prefers to wear tank tops or cut offs for tops and tends to expose as much skin and, consequently, body vents as possible. As such, he also tends to wear shorts nearly all of the time, though on occasion one can find him wearing joggers or another sort of athletic pant. He does not, however, wear jeans, ever, for any reason. At all.

This is not to say he cannot be formal. In fact, he quite enjoys dressing up when the time comes, though the opportunities are few and far between. Still, when required of him his formal wear is absolutely, unquestionably formal, generally with three piece suits or extremely traditional, conservative kimonos.

For palettes, he follows a trend of wearing loud colors and bold patters, frequently in a mismatched or confusing way, such as red on orange or something of the like. Unless forced to, he is not one for stealthy garb, and this carries over to more dressy setting in which he likes louder patterns and prints, though he does pull back on the color for these. While fighting or training, he enjoys pulling a bandanna or form of cloth up over his mouth and nose.

Life Goal: To prove himself to his family and the world (but mostly himself). Alternatively, to dominate everything around him.
-Overly anal about how much time he spends on any singular thing and how much of his time any individual person takes up.
-Somewhat paranoid about the loyalties of others. Very slow to trust, somewhat paradoxical to what is otherwise a quick and impulsive personality.

  1. Food of any sort.
  2. Fine art.
  3. Confidence
  4. Natural beauty (aesthetic vistas) and public bathing
  5. Loyalty

Dislikes: List 5 things your character dislikes.  Same as above.

  1. Indecision  
  2. Speech impediments/verbal ticks or repetitions
  3. Confidence
  4. Small talk and chit chat.
  5. Himself

Loyalties: Lacking any apparent moral compass, Hisha maintains loyalties to himself and people who can prove they are worthy of his loyalty. Currently that extends to his clan, though this is always up for them to disprove. He's both extremely capable and prone to building a close network of loyalties, but he has rigorous, unyielding, nearly unreasonable expectations of said network.
Personality: Unflinchingly and unapologeticly himself, the boy exudes an extreme amount of confidence which boarders on absurd and evokes a much older man in this capacity alone. He possesses what appears to be a truly indomitable, unyielding spirit which hardly notices let alone cares about the opinions or derision of others, and while one may not guess it, internally he still experiences the self-doubt common of a fourteen year old child.

While quick to speak and act, he's not a blundering dolt by any means, and while capable of self-reflection, he functions much more as a tightly controlled, tightly self-monitored ball of instinct. This presents much more during combat or training when he lets himself be a bit freer as, in public life, he keeps a much, much tighter grip on himself, expecting nearly utter perfection in everything that he does. People have thus claimed that he is a prodigy and perhaps he is of extreme talent, though his meager success at a young age has come from a almost all-encompassing, single-minded drive to dominate everyone, everywhere, at everything, all the time.

In more... personal or intimate situations, he has no idea how to conduct himself and is laughably awkward. He could likely run a drug ring or a board meeting without any difficulty whatsoever, but he has difficulty truly empathizing with other people and not feeling like he's being weak or feminine. Subconsciously, he finds it incredibly difficult to view anything as not being inherently either competitive or completely solitary, such that even art, for him, is an act of conquering one's self.

Biography:  Born to a prestigious clan, Hisha came as the first and only child of his family, his father a clan leader and rather moderate diplomat and his mother a competent special ops Jonin of the village. He inherited the chip on the clan's shoulder, pitting him against the Uchiha of his village before he could even walk.

His father, certainly the warmer of the two parents, was thrilled to have had a child. His mother was thrilled to have a son and especially one with such a strong showing of the bloodline. He was a ninja from the moment he could walk and was raised in every conceivable way to be his mother's king. She taught him how to carry himself respectably, how to speak authoritatively, how to command a room, how to command respect, how to fight, how to use the bloodline she herself did not exhibit, and how to demand something which far surpassed perfection from himself.

This sort of pressure could easily break an adult, let alone a child, and yet somehow Hisha persevered. In fact, it seemed that he thrived, working day and night to master every new task she set out for him. And, as a firstborn and only son, he loved his mother unconditionally and constantly strove for her acknowledgment. So long as he continued to achieve, he received her praise endlessly.

Predictably, Hisha took the academy by storm, entering it rather late at the age of 13. His mother had retained him for personal tutorship from her and many of her colleges in the higher ranks of the village, which frankly gave him an unfair advantage over many of the other, younger children who had no prior experience. Still, he attacked it with the sort of unbridled tenacity he had been developing for many years and it was this extreme dedication which attracted the attention of a few of his instructors, some of whom were impressed with his intensity, some of whom found it troubling.

He managed not to learn the name of a single other person in his class, not because of rudeness or carelessness, but because he simply busied himself too much with training and studying to really meet anyone. His talent and already developed skill made him a bit of an icon but his confidence and impatience kept most of the other children at an arms distance away from him. Still, the rigor generally kept too many from developing a lot of close bonds with their peers.

He currently has yet to receive any sort of team or squad assignment after his recent graduation, and in the past few months his mother seems completely released all hold on him, removing him from the family home to live in a single-room clan flat across the small compound and forcing him to figure out life on his own, something which he is hardly prepared for at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryusei, Hisha   Ryusei, Hisha EmptyWed Nov 07, 2018 1:00 pm

Your Application Review!

Ryusei, Hisha 9WzKzX9

Don't forget to make your Face Claim and your Village Roster/Renown Claim!

The next step to finishing your character up will be making a Character Update Sheet (Template found here) then posting it in this section, where I will see you again to make sure it's up to snuff.

We're all very excited to see what kind of stuff you're going to come up with in the rp world, and we all hope you enjoy your stay here at The Ninja World!

From your friendly character mod,
Lady Izaya

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Ryusei, Hisha
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