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 Alwen Ōkina Tokage

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PostSubject: Alwen Ōkina Tokage   Alwen Ōkina Tokage EmptySun Oct 14, 2018 11:29 am

Alwen Ōkina Tokage

Alwen Ōkina Tokage Mioda.Ibuki.full.1338917

Gender: Female
Age: 12
Clan: Ōkina Tokage
Village: Hyougagakure
Rank: D-Rank Genin

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 90lbs
Appearance: Alwen is a rather normal appearing 12 year old in terms of height and weight. Her skin is a ghostly pale, with a single, small dot-like scar on her chin that is nearly unnoticeable at first glance. It is at this point, however, that any normality stops. Like others of the Ōkina Tokage, Alwen has two horns growing atop her head, currently reaching a length of 3 inches. Her hair is long, with streaks of white, purple, and blue throughout. Even something as simple as her eyes are beyond normal, with a deep golden hue for her irises. In addition, her canines are slightly sharper and more pointed than an average person.
Apparel: Alwen's style of clothing is... Impractical for the weather and temperature of where she lives, at least in most circumstances. Often her attire is silken, with varying colours depending on her mood. If the weather grows extensively cold, this is replaced by furs that one would more expect on a Viking than a shinobi. When in a mission, or anything that isn't casual clothing, Alwen wears thickened cloth attire that covers most of her body, with the material thickest at the points of her chest and joints. In terms of the shinobi head band, Alwen wears it like a collar, covering her neck with the metal band facing forwards.

Life Goal: Alwen desires to one day become a strong enough shinobi that she can create, maintain, and protect a natural haven, where wild creatures can thrive, and survive despite the harsh weather of the tundra that may cause difficulties.
Quirks: Alwen has... A really bad habit of jumping from topic to topic, even if a situation is serious. Only in the most dire, life or death scenarios would this stop, however one minute she could be talking about a mission, the next she'll be complementing a comrade on their hairstyle.

  1. Nature - whether sea life, pondlife, ground life, or birds, Alwen has a fascination and adoration for creatures, and their habitats.
  2. Swimming - as expected of an Ōkina Tokage, Alwen loves to swim, and feels at home within the water.
  3. Food - Need more be said? She likes to eat.
  4. Friendly spars - Alwen's a big fan on trying to improve, both herself and those around her. And what's more of a fun way than a friendly bout between allies, or even rivals?
  5. Compliments - Alwen LOVES to both be complimented, and to offer compliments, even complimenting her enemies when she finds something to compliment.


  1. Destruction of Nature - No. Just no. She will flat out hate someone for doing this, especially if done on purpose. Just don't.
  2. Sour food - Why?! This type of food was a mistake, and nobody can convince Alwen otherwise.
  3. Deserts - Hot stuff is bad. Not enough water. Just bad. No go, Alwen no comprehendo. It's far too desolate with not a lot of water, or nature, and just generally not liked.
  4. Malice - The idea of purposefully going out of your way to cause harm or discomfort to another is something that's beyond unpleasant in Alwen's mind. She sees no purpose in it, and thus dislikes it.
  5. Her Father - He's a pretty big scumbag, and Alwen truly, truly dislikes the guy. In her mind, he's a bit of a dick.

Loyalties: While Alwen is loyal to her village and her clan, her greatest loyalties lie to her desire to protect nature. In her mind, her priorities are nature, then the village, then the clan, in that order, with every other loyalty varying on a case by case basis.
Personality: Generally speaking, Alwen is bubbly and energetic, often preferring to look on the positive side of things. In this regard she can come across as outgoing and friendly, if not overly so. Alwen thinks of the idea that everyone's a friend until proven otherwise. For this reason, stealth missions are perhaps her weakest, as she often tries to talk to someone before killing them. She is easily entertained and easily amused, sometimes bursting into laughter spontaneously just because something amused her out of nowhere.

Compared to others, Alwen's anger is a bit harder to notice. Rather than threaten, or act aggressive, the normally bubbly girl falls silent, often glaring or flat out ignoring the words of whoever upset her. With other negative emotions, the response is similar, just having her fall quiet. When scared, she just silently avoids the cause of her fear. When sad, she just quietly accepts her sadness and acts more sluggish.

Still, there's no doubting one fact: Alwen is energetic when herself.

Biography: Alwen's life, for such an abnormal looking person, was actually remarkably normal, even in such a wild world such as the shinobi life style. Growing up, she was inspired by her mother, who was and still is a shinobi who acts both for the village and as a mercenary for herself. Indeed, the positive influence her mother provided is probably what allows Alwen to grow up with the positive outlook that she holds.

Through her youngest years, Alwen only grew up with her mother. This is because, at the age of 6, Alwen's father left, becoming a rogue shinobi due entirely to his own unfettered greed. Indeed, before leaving, he had cut one of the horns off Alwen's mother, although for what intentions, Alwen did not know. Likely, it was either to sell it, or research it. Or perhaps some insane envy, the father having married into the clan rather than being born with horns. He never really hit Alwen, but nor did he care for her, leading Alwen to have no positive perspective in regards to the man.

When it came time to join the shinobi academy, Alwen was neither exceptional, or a loser. Indeed, she was just average with what techniques were provided, with perhaps the only reason she didn't make many friends despite her personality being due to her appearance and oddities. The time in the academy came and went, and Alwen passed first try, entering the village ranks as a genin: her story ready to begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Alwen Ōkina Tokage   Alwen Ōkina Tokage EmptyMon Oct 15, 2018 9:42 pm

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Alwen Ōkina Tokage
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