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 Kuro Kyohaku

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PostSubject: Kuro Kyohaku   Kuro Kyohaku EmptyWed Oct 10, 2018 10:13 pm

Kuro Kyohaku

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Clan: Kyohaku Clan
Village: Glacier
Rank: D-Gennin

Height: 5'
Weight: 100lbs
Appearance:  A short young boy, Kuro maintains quite an unassuming stature, seeming far younger than he is. In reality, his stature and general attitude come more from his childhood than anything else. Due to his early birth, and the complications arising from such a thing, Kuro could be seen as the result of neglectful medical care, with a frail looking body as the result. His pale complexion does not help matters. Fortunately for the boy, he does seem healthy, just scraggly as well. His body tends to look less muscular than his peers, but this usually belies his strength, the one feature he is quite happy with himself over.

His clothes, due mostly to poor living condition, are usually patched together and only really consist of an open jacket, and shorts. His prize goggles, a gift from his late father, adorn his head where most would place their headbands. His own headband always covers a part of his arm, letting him use his goggles as he sees fit.
Apparel: Despite his adoration towards opulent clothing and heavy armor, Kuro is rather lax about his appearance, more due to money concerns than comfort. With an open jacket to serve as a shirt, and shorts, his figure is quite often on display, despite his lackluster musculature. His goggles lay comfortably on top of his head, while his ninja headband remains on his arm. While preferring to be barefoot, Kuro does have sandals he occasionally wears.

Life Goal: Kuro dreams of being the most uncontrollable force imaginable, essentially being the freest man alive.
Quirks: Kuro often stammers when nervous.

  1. Power
  2. Expensive, Opulent clothing
  3. Melee Weapons
  4. Armor
  5. Embarrassment, oddly enough


  1. Being weak
  2. Losing things
  3. Tiredness
  4. Stealth
  5. Sages

Loyalties: Humanity as a whole is what Kuro is loyal to.
Personality:  A shy, curious lad, Kuro has never been lacking in intelligence, only in social understanding. His inability to connect with others has led towards a loner personality developing due to a two sided ostracization, where Kuro refuses to be part of a group, and any social group refuses to include him. Because of that, his self esteem is a strange, garbled mess, rather than the positive/negative versions most children have. In a sense, Kuro is a pragmatist because he never connected with the morality of any group, believe what works best is always the best choice. It would not be fair to call Kuro psychopathic, or even dark, as he tends to be a bright and excitable child. His love of violence is more a love of physical expression, albeit one far more hidden than others. It is common for him to avoid his love of violence so vehemently that he seems more of a pacifist than anything. This is, in part, due to a form of self loathing where he believes he is in a battle with his own mind to not become evil, and thus, lame.

Biography:  Born to a banished, ill-fated Kyohaku named Raul, Kuro was raised to believe the world did not care about individuals and would try to stomp out who he is. His father, unfortunately, tried to teach him that this HAD to happen, and it was a natural part of the world, as well as part of becoming a man. Kuro, out of sheer hatred for the man who called himself his father, denied the teachings as vehemently as possible. This became a problem when Kuro began to attend the Ninja Academy, where social norms conflicted with his views. His outlook on other people skewed, he began to dig into books and knowledge.

With little surprise, Kuro aced any academical test placed before him, becoming something of a hero to the teachers for his ability to pay some actual attention, unlike the rest of the unforgivable bra- perfect little angels. Unfortunately, his physique was not as enhanced, lest he immediately graduate into Kageship at the age of eight. All jokes aside, Kuro became less and less caring about other people over this time, feeling more and more alone.

On the day that he graduated, his father made him a pair of goggles, telling him he was proud of him, and that maybe there was more to Kuro's way of thinking than he realized. Then he got himself blown up. Because his father was something of an idiot, the man immediately decided he could also become a ninja, and offered a random passing caravan protection. Proving his status as the unluckiest man soon to not be alive, Raul's offer was taken as a threat, which spurred the ninja already protecting the caravan into attacking. His offer also drew the attention of spies that were trying to follow the caravan to a secret location. Believing he was a secret signal, the spies descended on him at the same time as the protecting ninja. To make matters worse, a stray pack of dogs, two fighting lions, a hyena, and a honey badger got released by overly complicated means, all having a hand, paw, and claw in murdering Raul.

Kuro was devastated by his death.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Kyohaku   Kuro Kyohaku EmptyWed Oct 10, 2018 11:01 pm

I... that death tho lol.

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Kuro Kyohaku
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