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 Shinji Uchiha

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[Shinji Uchiha]

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Kazangakure
Rank: A-Rank Jounin

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 162 lb
Appearance: Shinji Uchiha Suoh.Mikoto.full.1758658
Attire: Because he prefers to stand out, but also does not like more drastic colors, Shinji has a tendency to under dress high status events, or over dress for lower status ones.  He will wear training clothes to a dinner with his clan chief and a suit to grab a quick bite at the local ramen shop.  His combat clothes, however, are chosen based purely on function, but he will not pass an opportunity to stand out when they arise.  Finally, as a general rule, on missions, he attempts to dress in ways that will not give away his Uchiha identity, and that is why he dyes his hair red.

Life Goal: Shinji's goal in life is, and always has been, to improve the world in whatever ways that he can.  It was the reason he went to prison, and the reason he has decided to serve his time rather than escaping prison.  That one day, he will be redeemed in the eyes of his clan, in order to make things better for them, and for those that his clan comes into contact with.  He, in the end, wants to take on some sort of leadership role where his ideals can be manifested.  
Quirks: Shinji has the habit of raising his eyebrows and looking down when he thinks someone says something rather dumb.  Additionally, he tends to follow sentences with the words "Ya know what I'm sayin'?"  Finally, when impatient, anxious, or bored, he has a tendency to rub the tip of the scar on his right shoulder blade.

  1. People with well-placed confidence
  2. People who are decisive
  3. Steak and potatoes
  4. Thicc bitches
  5. People who stand up for their beliefs

Dislikes: List 5 things your character dislikes.  Same as above.

  1. People who are not true to themselves
  2. Poor hygiene
  3. Laziness
  4. Confinement
  5. Food that is too sweet

Loyalties: Shinji is, as cliche as it sounds, loyal to the human race.  This, however, is what gets Shinji into trouble.  His loyalty to the human race is not in what they want, or their safety necessarily, but rather, what he thinks they should be.  This has caused him to meddle in foreign affairs, steal legal documents, and far more, in the name of stopping a political action, or forming a governmental entity in the way that he wanted.  It extends to his opinions on political movement, business practices, basic humanitarianism, and social justice. In the end, it caused the slaughter.

Personality: Shinji is what he would call a generally good, ruthless person, and that has caused his clansmen to abandon him.  Most Uchiha cannot see past the Uchiha.  What is best for the Uchiha?  How do I bring the Uchiha more glory, power, wealth?  Shinji sees it differently.  To Shinji, as an idealist, all people are important, and all people leading their lives well is just as important.  General goodness is what Shinji values.  Of course, his opinions on what general goodness are could be quite different from what others believe.  He believes in blood for blood, and eye for an eye.  But he refuses to target people as a group.  If someone kills a man's wife, he believes that the husband should be allowed to execute the murderer - or make the decision to pardon them.  But he does not believe that the man should get to kill the murderer's spouse.  He believes that assaulting someone should result in the supervised beating of the perpetrator.  But in ways that puts Shinji at odds with himself, he believes that men with more than they need should give to the poor, and those who don't have committed crimes against humanity, while simultaneously believing that theft is wrong, no matter who it is from.  On many occasions, Shinji has stolen from the rich to give to the poor, sometimes feeling delighted about it later, other times feeling guilty.  

Shinji has no loyalty to laws, and no inclination to follow them.  He sees them as a reflection of what people should already do from the goodness of their hearts.  Don't steal. Don't kill.  They are simply redundant to him, and he feels that there is no need.  That people will hold each other accountable for their wrongdoing, even without the authority of law requiring they do so.  He believes that the bureaucracy that has begun to form in other villages, like Shinringakure, is a hindrance to the smooth functioning of people's lives and the action of the government.

Around friends, Shinji tends to be a powerful personality.  He leads the conversations, keeps a powerful tone to draw everyone's attention, and strives to be charismatic in these conversations.  He values friends for many reasons.  First and foremost, he believes that friends keep him and his values grounded, and keeps him from, as he becomes a more powerful ninja, becoming corrupt.  Second, but close, he understands that friends are power.  He values having friends in high places, and friends among what has been enemies.  Sometimes, he'll use these friends in more domestic ways - getting his friend among the enemy government to get his leader to grant Shinji an audience, or to push his leader to a specific political decision.  Other times, he uses them as a man on the inside, for more illicit actions.  He is not the best at manipulation, but he does understand these basic principles.

His sense of humor is rather simple.  In business situations, it does not exist.  In casual ones, the more corny the joke, the better.  Plays on words are the best.  He also appreciates irony, and will find it funny even when he should not.

Shinji has become very, very good at separating work and non-work life. He believes that his gaining leadership of a powerful group of people would be the best option for mankind. Therefor, Shinji justifies illicit actions to secure his place as a leader among his people, a trait picked up in his time in prison, when you did whatever was necessary to survive. In what some would call a psychological rarity, Shinji has mastered the ability to compartmentalize this in his professional life, and keep it out of his personal life.

Biography: Shinji was born into a rather large family as the youngest sibling in a family of 7. His parents were rather wealthy as high-ranking warlords in the Uchiha family, and they spared no expense to Shinji's education. As the only of his siblings who applied himself to that education, Shinji excelled in most academic areas. He, however, failed horribly at mathematics, as he felt it was a linear constraint on his expression of self, and was incapable of molding to it.

Shinji was a pet project of his other siblings, and each of them found things that they wanted to teach him. Because of this, he excelled in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu at an early age, learning tiny tidbits of information from each of his siblings, mastering the concepts at a much earlier age than any of them. His parents were rarely involved in his life, but he didn't miss them, because his siblings took great care of them.

As the youngest member of his family, Shinji felt the need to stand out and be different. Because of this, as the rest of his family put clan before all, Shinji did his best to always think about the entirety of the populace. He frequently excused himself from the room when his clansmen were making war plans, despite his father's insistence that he learn the tactics that the clan employed, so that one day, Shinji may obtain his own regiment. Shinji, at a young age, was against this concept - he did not want to wage war.

Because of this, Shinji did not enter formal training at the customary age of an Uchiha. He waited until age twelve, in fact, only receiving training for his siblings, and only because of how much he loved them and the idea that it was the most consistent way to spend the most amount of time with them, because they spent all of their time training. Nonetheless, at age twelve, because of the pressure of a military accomplishment by Shinji's oldest sister, and because of the fear of disappointing his father, Shinji entered training with the village elders.

The formal training, to Shinji, was a cakewalk. He was easily more powerful than all of the other trainees, but that was because most of them were at least three years younger than him, and had no training prior to entry into formal training. Because of this, Shinji was a leader in his class until the more advanced training came, where the rest of his classmates managed to catch up.

Still, Shinji maintained his status as one of the more promising candidates in his training class. Of the few hundred in his age group, 18 members were selected to perform the first mission of his group as a coming of age ceremony. Shinji was one of these 18. The mission was simple - investigate the path head of the clan, as a nomadic Uchiha clan, to determine if it was safe to continue to travel in that direction.

The group came across a family of defected Senju. It was obvious they had no combat training, as they did not manage to detect a group of 18 fresh-out-of-training warriors. Still, the group, against Shinji's orders, attempted to attack the family. Shinji attacked the first individual, and immediately all of the others descended upon him. Shinji panicked, and blacked out. The first individual died quickly. A kunai to the throat. Shinji's Sharingan awakened as he realized he was up against nearly a score of other ninja, some more powerful than he. Through a mixture of extremely intelligent Genjutsu and a preservation of his chakra, when Shinji regained consciousness, all of them were dead. Every single one of them.

Horrified at the realization, Shinji, under the impression that his clansmen would also be horrified by the attempted actions of his group, hurried back to his clan to report what happened. He was astonished when he was thrown in prison.

Prison was a horrible place. He was allowed no visitation, and it was more or less a work camp. Shinji was forced to do things he was not comfortable with. It took a lot for a capable warrior to be thrown in prison, so Shinji was easily one of the more powerful individuals among the prison's population. Because of this, he garnered a lot of attention and fear. On more than one occasion, Shinji was forced to kill an attacker. It was in prison that Shinji became who he is.

Because of the violence on the inside, Shinji eventually came to the realization that he had to force himself into an authoritarian position. So he did. He formed a crew and took total control of the prison's population through a mixture of obtaining loyal followers with Sharingan Genjutsu and brute force. Attempting to protect the entire populace, Shinji was forced to punish violence with violence, and lead through fear. He felt guilty, day in, and day out, for the things he did, but still there was less violence after he took over than before.

Ten years later, Shinji was called upon by his father, now a high elder of the Uchiha clan. He was informed that he had been looked at as a candidate for the clan's power struggle in the village of Kazangakure. Before Shinji went to prison, Kazangakure did not exist. Utterly confused, it took a few days to bring him back up to speed. Finally, however, Shinji understood that the Uchiha clan was losing power in the village, and agreed to elect a champion to represent them in a free-for-all, and that whoever won, would become the leader of the village. And the Uchiha considered Shinji a candidate to be their champion.
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Shinji Uchiha
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