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 Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done]

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Zunō Kimyōna

Zunō Kimyōna

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Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] Empty
PostSubject: Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done]   Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] EmptyFri Oct 05, 2018 10:26 pm

[Kimyōna (Taikaku) Zunō]
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Clan: N/A...for now
Village: Hyougagakure
Rank: D-Rank Genin
Height: 4’ 6”
Weight: 65lbs
Black hair that is rather jagged and hangs in front of his face while being a bit longer in back, pale white complexion, light brown eyes. Keeps himself neat and tidy, often looks bored.
Apparel: Short Sleeve white button-up shirts (occasionally with tie) and black slacks with a belt that has a silver belt buckle. Black leather shoes with black laces, oval lens glasses with a dark brown frame. Wears longer sleeves when it is actually cold out and on proper occasion a black jacket buttoned over the white shirt.

Life Goal: To become a good ninja so that he can pay for his and his parent’s hospital bills and so he can find a way to cure himself of his disease.
Quirks: Zunō is very monotone and matter-of-fact when speaking to others, leading many to think he is often bored as well as snooty when it comes to intellectual matters. This completely changes when he gets drunk, however. Zunō also has an eidetic memory, being able to recall anything he has learned or experienced perfectly, and this does not leave him when intoxicated.

Normal Zunō

  1. Book learning
  2. Useless trivia
  3. Coming up with plans and strategies
  4. Pop Rocks
  5. Recycling


  1. Drinking alcohol
  2. Alcoholics
  3. Hurting others
  4. Hospitals and hospital staff
  5. Warm weather

Drunk Zunō

  1. Drinking
  2. Telling people how it is
  3. Complaining
  4. Getting into trouble
  5. Being left alone


  1. Everyone
  2. Everything
  3. Coming up with plans and strategies
  4. Being interrupted
  5. Loud noises

Loyalties: Zunō is loyal to mostly his family, as he owes them a lot and he loves them, however he finds himself being rather loyal to those few people he ends up befriending.
Personality: Zunō seems to be a very bland pre-teen boy when surveyed overall: none of his features stand out physically, and he’s obnoxious mentally. Zunō is very intelligent and loves to read and do research to obtain more and more information to the point of being voracious for knowledge. As far as he is concerned, there isn’t a single piece of information that isn’t worth knowing, and thus he knows many facts about things that are unimportant to a shinobi and often comes off as a know-it-all to his peers. When you add in that his voice never seems to shift in pitch and he sounds like he’s constantly bored, and you can see why he has trouble gaining friends. Honestly, he just loves sharing the knowledge he has and solving problems, but the knowledge barrier makes him seem overbearing and his monotone voice makes him seem like everything is wasting his time when he couldn’t be more happy to help.

Zunō doesn’t really look at things from a shinobi’s point of view, more of that as a tactician or scholar, and having little combat experience cements his approach of over analyzing things that call for and people who strive for a simpler approach. Thus he would be more likely to make plans of defense and attack, and since his lack of combat experience ties in with his lack of desire to harm others, these plans tend to not include him doing much in terms of offense. Though he often gets slighted as a coward or pacifist and has his plans ignored often by his peers due to his approach, this doesn’t cause him to be frustrated: he sees it as a learning experience and proceeds to attempt to explain what went wrong.

Zunō doesn’t usually talk without a reason, leading other to start conversations with him and for him to usually only speak out on his own when answering questions or offering assistance. Otherwise he is very quiet, as that is the best way to read and absorb information, and he’ll often be found reading book or scrolls in his free time.

None of this applies when Zunō manages to get drunk, however…

When intoxicated, Zunō flips a switch and almost instantly becomes an angry and belligerent young bastard. He shouts about everything and anything and he becomes highly irritable with most of the people and events he previously dealt with quietly, complaining about anything from those who wouldn’t listen to him to always being bothered when he is trying to read, right down to the color of the grass and why dogs have to be so loud. While he still retains his intelligence, he shoves this knowledge down people’s throats aggressively when compared to his much gentler nature when not drunk, and while he could still come up with detailed plans and strategies he forsakes them to act impulsively as he just wants to be left alone and unbothered because the faster he takes care of the situation, the fast he can go back to being left alone. Zunō in this state is insufferable and a potential hazard, as he doesn’t care about anything going on around him or the situation he is currently in and become rather destructive, attempting to rip apart anything that annoys him for too long. Seeing him go from quiet nerd to uncontainable fury can be quite stunning and possibly even frightening, but as long as you can keep him away from alcohol for a small but he should return to normal.

[b]Biography: Zunō’s birth was rather unremarkable: average labor pains, average labor time, no complications during the pregnancy nor the delivery, and both Zunō himself and his parents got back home from the ordeal with very little...well, ordeal. He nursed fine, he slept fine (mostly), and he seemed very receptive when being spoken and read to. Yes, Zunō issues didn’t arise until he started consuming whole foods...which is to say he couldn’t fully do so.

Zunō at a very young age was suffering from symptoms of gastroparesis as his stomach was not properly removing of the food he was consuming, and he was quickly taken to the proper Iryō-nin to see what the issue was. It turned out to be a little more complex than just a simple healing: Zunō’s stomach didn’t have the proper amount of digestive enzymes to breakdown most solid foods and to fix such an issue would require intense medical knowledge and vary risky genetic-altering procedures that the Iryō-nin were just recently researching and were not confirmed to be effective. With the risks being so high with so many factors unknown and with Zunō still being so young, his parents decided against it and looked into more natural methods.

They found no success and the weeks of lack of proper nutrition were starting to harm Zunō’s growth and make him ill up until a stroke of luck invaded their lives: Zunō’s uncle, Inryō. Inryō was a bit of a black sheep in the family as he was well known for his drinking problem, but as he never mooched off of any family members he was welcome for brief visits, and it was one such visit in which Inryō accidentally discovered a temporary cure for poor little Zunō. Zunō was suffering stomach pain due to not being able to properly digest his lunch, so much so that he was crying, and his mother and father did not know what to do, but Uncle Inryō had an idea. He slipped the boy a couple swigs of his sake, much to his parents’ dismay, in a simple effort to help him with the pain...but it did much more. For some reason, the alcohol worked in tandem with Zunō’s body and kicked up his digestive enzymes to work hard enough to digest the food. Once tested again, the same result occurred: no pain or symptoms, just properly digested food. Uncle Inryō was well thanked before he left the next day, a bit uncomfortable with being viewed so positively, and from then on it seemed that as long as Zunō had a proper amount of an alcoholic beverage to balance out his meals he was able to function perfectly normally. Everything was fine until around the time Zunō turned nine.

Zunō hadn’t had any problems for a few years, but a rather serious one creeped up one day directly after lunch at the academy. He complained of stomach pain after eating to the nurse on staff and, knowing about his condition, she had him ingest more alcohol despite him taking some with his lunch under the thought process that maybe he just had a ‘bit bigger of a lunch’ that day. Zunō went back to class with no issue.

After coming back to class and sitting for about twenty minutes, Zunō noticed that he was having trouble reading the chalkboard despite being rather close to it from his seat, and after cleaning his glasses the blurriness still persisted...and it annoyed him. He also noticed that the student beside him had horrible handwriting...and it annoyed him. Shortly after he noticed that the student in front of him misspelled a word in his notes, that the girl next to him had her hair braided incorrectly, and that the teacher kept pronouncing the word ‘use’ as ‘yuss’. All these things were really irritating him, so much so that he was gripping his pencil tightly and he was gritting his teeth, and it was shortly after that the class clown had made a paper airplane and threw it so that it hit Zunō in the back of the head…

Zunō’s parents were called in to speak with the various head of the academy, and when they were confused and curious about why it was so urgent and what it was about, one of the heads erupted in anger at them. He implicated that Zunō had injured multiple students critically and destroyed multiple pieces of academy property while also assaulting the sensei. While the other heads reiterated this information in a more calm manner, the hotheaded one insisted to know why they were not informed of this behaviour prior. His parents were even more confused and asked if they had contacted the correct parents because they clearly had the wrong child. The ho-headed leader called them liars and, feeling assaulted and unable to believe the information they were given since Zunō was a very quiet and sweet boy, they pulled him from the academy and decided to look into other options for him despite how much Zunō had wanted to become a shinobi. It would only take a few weeks before they too would witness what the academy staff had.

Zunō was suffering from a headache one evening and he was going to trouble his parents for medicine but he heard them having a heated discussion on funds and what they could afford for his future. Not wanting to bother them, he remembered that when he had stomach pain from food, he would drink the sake father gave him and it would take the pain away...maybe it would work for his headache too? Thus he snuck into his father’s sake and grabbed a bottle before going back into his room. He opened it but was unsure of how much to take since his father only gave him so much to eat with, but his head was panging fiercely...so he decided to drink the whole bottle.

About thirty minutes later his mother opened his bedroom door and asked him to come to the family room so they could spend some family time together. This was of course a simple and sweet request, but it was met with incredible violence as Zunō stood up and spin around to stick his mother over the shoulder with the sake bottle and then pushed her away from him and into the kitchen table. His father immediately sprang up to defend his wife, who was now bleeding and on the ground in both pain and shock, but he had a difficult time subduing his son due to size and his extremely evasive movement while trying not to harm the son he loved so much that was clearly sick somehow. Due to the struggle, the small size of the kitchen, and the sheer fire in Zunō’s blood it took several minutes before his father subdued him with a swift chop to the back of his neck, but he had earned a broken arm in the process.

Zunō awoke to an Iryō-nin checking his vital signs, and he quickly assessed the situation: he had attacked his own father and mother and hurt them. Overwhelmed with the grief of having done such a wicked thing and the fear of facing them again as well as the sinking guilt of knowing they did not have the extra funds to cover such a visit, Zunō decided that he was too much of a burden and busted pass the confused staff and lost himself into the night.

In the following three years, Zunō journeyed to the renown Village of Hyougagakure which was known for having very friendly citizens and one of the best academies in the land and the lands beyond. He changed his surname to Kimyōna to cover his past and start fresh: he was an orphan that had left to become a shinobi of Hyougagakure, which was his parents’ final wish before they had passed from illness. He joined the academy and with VERY careful monitoring of himself and his condition, he passed with much more than just flying colors and was able to become genin ahead of normal schedule. In fact, it wouldn’t be long before he was assigned to a team with other genin and a sensei of Jonin rank. His promise would soon be realized.

He would become a great shinobi and serve others, and he would repay his debts to his parents from afar and never be a burden to anyone ever again...he would quell the demon within him.
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Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done]   Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] EmptySat Oct 06, 2018 12:31 pm

Your Application Review!

Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] 9WzKzX9

Don't forget to make your Face Claim and your Village Roster/Renown Claim!

The next step to finishing your character up will be making a Character Update Sheet (Template found here) then posting it in this section, where I will see you again to make sure it's up to snuff.

We're all very excited to see what kind of stuff you're going to come up with in the rp world, and we all hope you enjoy your stay here at The Ninja World!

From your friendly character mod,
Lady Izaya

Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done] Im58p1F

Lady Izaya
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Kimyōna Zunō, The Quiet Storm [Le Done]
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