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 Emil Uranaishi

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Emil Uranaishi














155 lbs




Emil dresses casually and professionally in a white coat that stretches down to his knees. Behind the blanketing coat, he typically dresses in baggy, wrinkled clothing that was left outside to dry for too long-- or not long enough. He prefers long pants and a base tied shirt with as much breathing room as publicly acceptable. He wears boots to give the illusion of being almost 6-foot even. In addition, Emil will never be seen without a pair of glasses balanced on the bridge of his nose. They aren’t medically necessary, but he likes how they fit his face.

Life Goal

Emil dreams of sheep at night and little else. The moonlit lad looks to find a meaning for his perverse talents and considers each day outside of his office a day wasted. However, Emil looks to the political edges of Kazangakure and openly considers the vast amount of possible theatrics his profession can apply. As of now, Emil lives within the eye of the storm in Kazangakure, watching the power struggle within the village with whelmed interest.


-Apathetic towards human beings

-Paranoid about the smallest failings in his day to day schedule.

   1.  Human beings: Emil views human beings as a vast, endless resource of potential and progress. His days are spent researching the possibilities of the human mind and body.

   2.  Big dogs: Big dogs are powerful, capable, and adorable creatures that showcase the best qualities one can find in a creature.

   3.  Non-messy snacks: Being able to eat without worrying about laundry is a small blessing. Bonus if he can eat the food with one hand free to continue writing.

   4.  Small talk: A lot can be learned through a person’s uncaring thoughts when voiced. Especially how they process their automatic responses when met with verbal adversity.

   5.  Cultural diversity: It is wonderful to see the boundless expansion of human nature one can experience.


   1.  Human beings: Emil considers human beings to be a disgusting mess of existence. Even his own body is nothing but a hindrance.

   2.  Small dogs: Small dogs are annoying and useless. They represent the share of humanity that share these qualities.

   3.  Human necessities: Sleep and food should not be so important for how much time they waste.

   4.  Messy food: Emil hates having to clean his beloved white coat.

   5.  Loud noises: Self explanatory.




Emil categorizes his relationships as resources. His general apathy toward human life is not obsessive, but he considers it to be a second or occasionally third priority. The young professor will definitely take the time to assist the fellows around him if he is able. Emil takes the necessary time to listen and consider the words of as many people as he can, despite the varying levels of interest he may have towards them. He can be described as typically blasé and particularly strange, as if his eyes look past you rather than at you. In total, Emil Uranaishi is a cool-tempered person who portrays kindness and understanding to mask the intents of his profession.


Several years prior to the Kazangakure civil war over a decade ago, Emil lived in a large wooden hut with his parents. Every morning, he would commit to his daily chores before beginning a commute to, what was at the time, the barely functioning capital village in Kazangakure where he would attend education courses. He could always be described as a problem child, but not in the devious sense. He would not harm others or pull pranks, but he never took it upon himself to extend outward the base level of respect he was shown. Emil did not suffer through some unimaginable pain or loss that contributed to his state of mind, but the event of his birth is the only reason for it. The reverence of his people was lost to him, and he found the applications of his somewhat grotesque body to be a stroke of luck. Once the civil war began, Emil felt the inconvenience of having to relocate in the middle of his education to be aggravating.

    With the coming of his adulthood, Emil Uranaishi took particular interest in the capabilities of human potential. His unfortunate incompetence with medical practice forced him to turn to psychological sciences, stretching the pathways of his future into a multitude of choices. Once the war of Kazangakure’s barbarians settled into a political cold war, Emil quickly returned to the capital city with the intent of snatching at the desperation the city faced to present a mask of power and authority. His talent in the human psyche combined with his vast specialty of Genjutsu, combined with his age, quickly earned him a Jounin position in the political economy. He waits and watches to see whether or not the future Kazankage allows his semi-illegally gained position to stand or if he will be left to climb an honest, dreadfully boring, splintered ladder.

    At the advent of current day, Emil is posted within the city’s primary offices. He acts with a profession in psychology, therapy, and general subterfuge. He balances on the line of influence within the city, dropping grains of sand on whichever side of the city’s scale seems to be dropping. With pen in hand and soundproof walls under his office, Emil gratefully accepts the averting eyes to his practices and wonders if the day will ever come where the lions in the city see him as the next obstacle to be displaced.
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Emil Uranaishi
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