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 Yoshie Ichizo(FIN)

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Yoshie Ichizo

Yoshie Ichizo

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PostSubject: Yoshie Ichizo(FIN)   Yoshie Ichizo(FIN) EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 11:26 pm

Yoshie Ichizo

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Clan: N/A
Village: Kazangakure
Rank: A

Height: 6’0
Weight: 140 Pounds
Apparel: He’s always wearing a blue-ish robe, tied with a black belt. He wears blueish pants, and a pair of sandals.

Life Goal: His life goal is to use his prodigy-level medical ninja skills, to get whatever he wants.
Quirks: When he’s lying, he tends to tap his head. He never asks for money while doing surgery, he only asks for various items. No matter how big the surgery is, he’ll find something that he wants for it.
Likes: List 5 likes your character has.  Include small things and big things.  Feel free to expand on each like with a few sentences, but it is not obligatory.

  1. Doing Surgery
  2. Sleeping
  3. Figuring out how to capture people
  4. Hypothetical Scenarios
  5. Salads

Dislikes: List 5 things your character dislikes.  Same as above.

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Actual Fighting
  3. Dealing with super-high level genjutsu
  4. Dealing with Taijutsu Artists
  5. Being awake

Loyalties: To whomever his employer is at the time.
Personality: A gambler at heart, Yoshie takes the whole business quite seriously. He rarely takes risks that aren't in his favor. Risks that are in his favor no longer remain risks, but measured opportunity. Thereby, the only risks he take, are those that are 50/50 in his favor. He is, by all means, a diagnosed psychopath. He'll put on a nice face, even do nice deeds. However.

Don't mistake this for a nice man. He's just in this for himself, and figured that the one risk he's willing to take is the one that involved being a Medical Ninja. That's the biggest risk he's taken in his life. It's almost ironic that for all the gambling he does, he rarely actually gambles in a situation where he couldn't come out on top. It's a habit for him.

Biography: Yoshie has always sorta existed. He's a literal prodigy at medical ninjutsu in this case. He was able to do A-rank medical ninjutsu from a very young age, but never had enough chakra to do more than maybe one or two. However, even with that considered, he can only grow. At 21, he stands near the top of the world's medical ninja.  His chakra potency, and his general skill with it, is impressive. He lived, as one might guess, deeply engrossed in the Warring States period. Sure, he wasn't old enough to be within the battle but he was still a prodigy at being a medic.

He's never had the particular strength to move bodies and the like. He's actually quite fragile all things considered. He has, however, been immunized to the look of blood. It's red sheen is just something that he expects now. He's seen people without limbs, people without heads and everything in between. He refuses to deal with most things, like money and the like. He was too young to actually be paid when he was originally doing this.

Thus, he was generally given toys of some nature. Sometimes they were tools of capture, like handcuffs and other things like that. Sometimes it was literally a duck, given to him for a pet. The things varied, but the young prodigy was given many things. This is his concept of payment. It's a nice time. He couldn't care less. Helping people made him look good, made him look charitable. Soon, as in a long time passes, he's about 15 when this village somewhat forms, and he's one of the head medical ninja.

Then the Uchiha took over, and honestly he's just not a fan. He occasionally works for them. He mostly works for the people though, as he just like, deals with the uchiha cause they can supply him with more stuff. They rich, but dumb. He doesn't like them.
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Lady Izaya

Lady Izaya

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Yoshie Ichizo(FIN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yoshie Ichizo(FIN)   Yoshie Ichizo(FIN) EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 11:33 pm

Yoshie Ichizo(FIN) 9WzKzX9

Don't forget to add your faceclaim to the list <3

Lady Izaya
Lady Izaya
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Yoshie Ichizo(FIN)
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