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 Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP]

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Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha

Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha

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Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP]   Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP] EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 8:07 pm

[Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha]

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Kazangakure
Rank: Chunin, C-Rank

Height: 5'8
Weight: 135 lbs
Appearance: Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP] Bfbdfd60d8140415594b95170d597522
Apparel: The shinobi outfit is pictures below. Although this is typically what is worn in missions, he tends to be more casual around the village. Due to his inverted eye color, he sometimes wears an eye patch. This is mainly not to warrant any judgement or ridicule, but also to constantly have an eye adjusted to the darkness.

Life Goal: To metaphorically and literally free himself from his contraints, as well as Master his bloodline and the use of genjutsu. As he sees the greatest victory being from a battle won yet not fought.
-His right eye is inverted in color.
-He is usually seen with a constant, devious smile, as if always plotting in his head.
-He sometimes rambles on, talking to himself when hung up on a certain matter.
-Kotetsu tends to be deceptive unless considering you a friend or trustworthy, and will more than likely deflect questions.

  1. Loves gathering knowledge, regardless of size or importance.
  2. People watching, as well as set up situations in order to see people's reactions.
  3. Enjoys contemplating how the history has shaped the world.
  4. Day dreaming of the future and what is to come.
  5. Enjoys relaxing and watching scenery, as the sun setting or rising.


  1. The unknown, being that he is a very analytical person.
  2. Ridiculing him over his eye.
  3. Ill judgement passed on him or his clan.
  4. Failing a task.
  5. The moral alignment of good/evil, or the title of hero/villian. As he tends to believe that there is no pure side, yet a twisted mix of the two.

Loyalties: He is a man loyal to three things. First and foremost would be himself, knowing that he would never betray himself. Second would be to his family and friends, due to blood relations and bonds. Last but not least being his own village, as he is intelligent enough to understand the prosperity the city brings to the clan.
Personality: His morality can best be defined as a chaotic neutral, as he tends to be a rebellious spirit who believes that no one is purely good nor evil, yet a twisted interfusion of the two. His reactions usually derive from his moods as well as his loyalties and standings with said person or group. Kotetsu's general personality resembles the basic translation to his full name, or 'Small Iron Illusion'. He is very analytical and meticulous, using deception to continuously hide his true emotions behind his sarcastic remarks and sly grin. His constant facade makes it tough to read or understand his thought or actions, causing people to usually think he is lying. His constant comportment usually results in many people growing apprehensive or perturbed when near him.

Kotetsu is one to typically keep a calm and cool demeanor, although he can be sent over the end on rare occasions. When this happens, it's as if his mind were to snap; the teen would then take on a maniacal personality, as well as seemingly fueled by a blind fury and a damning wrath, attempting to harm anything within reach.

[b]Biography: Here starts the story of a troubled and misconstrued teen, who had, what seemed like, the whole world against him. It begins seventeen years prior, at the northern eastern edge of the mountains. Located near the coast of no man's sea, and rather close to icy peninsula just north-northeast of the Kazangakure.
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Kotetsu Sakkaku Uchiha[WIP]
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