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 The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP}

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Lady Izaya

Lady Izaya

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The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP}   The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP} EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 6:55 pm

[ The Gyakusatsu Clan ]

The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP} OMuPUvJ

Location: Shinringakure // The Land of Trees
Notoriety: 2 - People know of the Gyakusatsu Clan, but know very little about them other than the fact they are some of the most dangerous people in the village of Shinringakure or the Land of Trees.
Size: Medium - Approximately 240 NPC, 10 Possible PC's.

The Clan Members
  • Lady Izaya
    Lady Izaya is the head of the Clan, and noted to be one of it's strongest members. She is not only Head, but also one of the strongest Jounin in the village. As well as one of the most respected people in the clan and village.

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

  • Name

History: Please include an at least somewhat detailed history of your clan.  Conflicts they were involved in, how they got to the village they are in, and perhaps their origins.
The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP} UkhHVSc

Traits: Some clans have shared physical appearances and builds.  In addition, all clans grant +2 stat boosts.  Both of these stats can be in one area, or one in two different areas.  This is usually required to be specific.

Ability: The name of your ability.
Type: Is this a Kekkei Genkai or a Hidden Technique?
Description: Give a general description of your abilities and the types of things it is capable of.  Below, you will outline how it evolves as your skills in the abilities increase.


Clan Jutsu

D Rank:

C Rank:

B Rank:

A Rank:

S Rank:

<b>Jutsu Name</b>: Name of your jutsu.  
<b>Rank</b>: D-S
<b>Primary Skill</b>: Which skill is this jutsu mainly based on?  Memory Genjutsu? Elemental Ninjutsu? (Skill in primary skill must be equal to jutsu rank to perform.)
<b>Secondary Skill</b>: Some jutsu require some degree of skill in another area.  This is used both as a logical consistency and as a balancing mechanic.  D-A skill can be required in the secondary skill. (S-Rank in a secondary skill will not be imposed by staff, but you can write it in yourself.)

<b>(Elemental) Element</b>: Include this field if your jutsu uses nature transformation.  Which element is it? Include a link if it is a custom element.
<b>(Weaponry) Weapon</b>: Include this field if you jutsu requires a specific weapon or type of weapon, or its ability.  Which is it?  Include a link of it is a specific item.
<b>(Genjutsu) Trigger</b>: Genjutsu require a connection between the caster and the victim's senses.  (Ex. Eye contact, sound of the caster's voice.)
<b>Focus</b>: Speed, Power, or balanced.  You can focus your jutsu on speed or power specifically, gaining a +1 rank in either, at the expense of -1 rank in the other.  Balanced, however, keeps them equal to the rank of the jutsu.  Not just for attacks - can be included with ANY kind of jutsu, as power is a word for how effectively the jutsu does whatever it is designed for, and speed is how quickly the jutsu does it. Taijutsu that scale their damage from agility automatically cannot have a power focus, and Taijutsu that scale from strength cannot have a speed focus. Speed and power of a jutsu can only reach up to X-Rank (1 higher than S).

<b>Duration</b>: The duration of your jutsu.  
<b>Cooldown</b>: The cooldown of your jutsu measured in posts.  This will be used as a balance mechanic.
<b>Description</b>: Describe what your jutsu does here.  Be specific, include all of the information the first time, and follow the rest of the rules listed below.  The faster the jutsu is approved, the happier you will be.
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The Gyakusatsu Clan {WIP}
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