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 Stat System [Beta, WIP]

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The stat system is used as general guidelines for how characters of different physical, mental, and spiritual prowess will interact in given scenarios.  It is intended to be very generalized and basic on purpose, as it is intended to augment character builds, rather than define them.  As such, for the most part, structured measurements of things such as speed and strength will not be given, and will almost always need to be compared relatively.  However, some stats will have given utility capabilities, and will help to scale certain jutsu types, and they will be detailed below.

Allocating Stats

There are five main stats, and they range from D-S for every character.  Each starting rank of character will begin with a different number of points for their character to distribute among their stats. ALL stats are required to be of at least D-Rank.  The numbers for which are given below: 

Starting Stats5791113
Max Stats79111315
The cost of stat ranks D-S are 1-5 respectively.  The cap for rank in a stat is equal to the ninja's rank +2.  Additionally, all characters will gain +2 total stats that do not count toward starting stat points, nor max stat points, as is specifically denoted by the character's clan.  For characters without clans, the total +2 stats are allocated 100% based on the player's choice.

Gaining Stats

A character can spend training points to advance ranks in stats, increasing their character's physical, mental, and spiritual prowess.  A character can increase their stats within the rules, up to the cap for their current rank.  Gaining stats is rather straightforward, and the cost of each rank is as follows for each rank of NINJA, not stat:

  • D-Rank: 10 Training Points
  • C-Rank: 12 Training Points
  • B-Rank: 14 Training Points
  • A-Rank: 16 Training Points
  • S-Rank: 18 Training Points

It is done this way because, as a ninja advances in rank, their pool of skills increases, and it becomes more time-consuming to advance capability in some areas while maintaining increasing ability in others, and this is an attempt to imitate that.

The Stats


Reactiveness is the simplest of all five stats.  It is the only one that, for the most part, does not scale any sort of jutsu (except in special cases detailed in specific jutsu), and does not offer any utility at any rank.  Rather, it simply compares directly to another character's agility or strength in determining how the former can react, and mostly only as a defensive stat.  It governs both reaction speed and appropriateness of reactions; high-powered, slower punches will require different actions than quick, lighter punches.  Defensively, Reactiveness functions in that the higher it is than the attacker's speed or strength stats, the more easily the character can react to strikes.

It is, however, not to be used as a catch-all defense; better strategical positioning is far more important, and Reactiveness is mostly used as a tie-breaker if both characters have similar positional advantages.  Only in more extreme cases (2+ rank advantage) does positional advantage tend to have less significant impact, and only at 3 rank advantage is it considered trivial.  


Agility is the stat that governs a character's movement speed, jump height, acrobatics, and other similar skills.  It is important to remember that "speed-blitzing" is purposefully made less effective here by the way that stats interact with each other.  There is no "moving faster than the eye can see" and things of this nature, except in rare circumstances under close monitoring, and never with raw stats, without the use of aiding jutsu. Agility compares with Reactiveness, as detailed in the section above.  Agility also, however, scales damage with Agility-Type Weaponry, and Body Taijutsu techniques that specifically say so in their description.  Certain types of weapons, such as daggers, whips, and shuriken require feats more based on precision and accuracy, things associated more with agility than strength, than they do feats of physical power, and some Body attacks, like drop kicks, and other aerial attacks, do the same. It scales them in this way, based on the rank in agility:

  • D-Rank: +0 rank in power
  • C-Rank: +0 rank in power
  • B-Rank: +1 rank in power
  • A-Rank: +1 rank in power
  • S-Rank: +2 rank in power

The nature of adding ranks in power is detailed in the jutsu system.


Strength is rather straightforward.  This stat governs the amount of physical power a character can harness.  It does not necessarily mean pure strength, despite the name of the stat, as it can also refer to the amount of power than a character can deliver simply because of superior technique and form, and good use of their body weight.  The damage of strikes of all basic Hand-to-Hand combat, unless otherwise reasoned in a character's post, is based on strength.  Additionally, Strength determines the damage amplifier of Strength-Based Weaponry Techniques, and Body Techniques that are specifically designated to scale with strength. The way in which damage is amplified is based on rank in strength.

  • D-Rank: +0 rank in power
  • C-Rank: +0 rank in power
  • B-Rank: +1 rank in power
  • A-Rank: +1 rank in power
  • S-Rank: +2 rank in power

The nature of adding ranks in power is detailed in the jutsu system.

Potency [VERY BETA]

Potency governs things like magnitude of chakra and chakra control, and can portrayed in your character however you like, but the end result is that Ninjutsu performed by this person are more... well, potent, increasing the jutsu's power for techniques that are specifically designated to do so, where logic applies.  In simplified terms, the perks of Potency are determined by rank as follows:

  • D-Rank: +0 rank in jutsu potency.  Genjutsu: Kai can dispel D-Rank Genjutsu.
  • C-Rank: +0 rank in jutsu potency.  Genjutsu: Kai can dispel C-Rank Genjutsu. 
  • B-Rank: +1 rank in jutsu potency.  Genjutsu: Kai can dispel B-Rank Genjutsu.  Genjutsu duration is reduced by 25% rounding down.  
  • A-Rank: +1 rank in jutsu potency.  Genjutsu: Kai can dispel A-Rank Genjutsu.  Genjutsu duration is reduced by 25% rounding up.
  • S-Rank: +2 rank in jutsu potency.  Genjutsu: Kai can dispel S-Rank Genjutsu.  Genjutsu duration is reduced by 50% rounding down.

Genjutsu: Kai only works when the user's Potency is the same as, or higher than the opponent's Wisdom, and when the character is actually aware of the Genjutsu.


Wisdom governs and interacts mostly with the user's Genjutsu stat.  It can sometimes interact with other types of jutsu, but must be logical, and specifically stated inside the app.  Wisdom mostly refers to a person's attention to detail, and ability to lie and detect lies, effectiveness of disguises and detecting disguises, and other interactions approved by staff.  In these cases, it is compared directly, with the higher stat winning, but in cases that the stats are the same, disguises, lies, etc. can be discovered with probable cause; a very subjective term.  Use good discretion, and when in doubt, ask staff.  The Wisdom stat offers perks based on rank of the stat:

  • D-Rank: Can discover D-Rank subtle Genjutsu.  
  • C-Rank: Can discover C-Rank subtle Genjutsu.
  • B-Rank: Can discover B-Rank subtle Genjutsu. Jutsu cost -1 rank of chakra.
  • A-Rank: Can discover A-Rank subtle Genjutsu. Jutsu cost -1 rank of chakra.
  • S-Rank: Can discover S-Rank subtle Genjutsu. Jutsu cost -1 rank of chakra.  

Characters can only discover subtle Genjutsu if their Wisdom is greater than or equal to the caster's Wisdom.  Wisdom also offers some Genjutsu specific perks that are detailed in the jutsu system.
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Stat System [Beta, WIP]
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