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 Element System

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Elements are the forms which a ninja's chakra can take using Nature Transformation Ninjutsu. There are five basic Nature Transformations, which are:

  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Lightning

All ninja are born with an affinity for one of these nature types.  In TNW, it is simply whichever element you as the player, choose to learn first.  However, for your character, it is uncontrollable and they were BORN with an affinity for that element.  Elemental affinity is sometimes dictated by clan.  If a clan lists a required element in their traits section, this MUST be the affinity for your character.  Characters can learn more elements later in life.

Nature Interactions

Below is a diagram of which of the basic elements are weak to which:

Element System Latest?cb=20140827184708

  • Water is weak to Earth because it is heavier, denser, and overpowers water.
  • Earth is weak to Lightning because lightning penetrates and breaks earth apart, and weakens it.
  • Lightning is weak to Wind because wind is the supreme force of nature. (According to Kishimoto.)
  • Wind is weak to Fire because wind fans fire, strengthening it.
  • Fire is weak to Water because water smothers fire, weakening it.

Learning Elements

Your character can learn elements throughout their life.  The costs for which are as follows:

  • First Element: 10 Training Points
  • Second Element: 12 Training Points
  • Third Element: 14 Training Points

Your character can learn their first element at D-Rank Nature Transformation, their second at B-Rank Nature Transformation, and their third at S-Rank Nature Transformation.  

Advanced Nature Kekkei Genkai

Advanced Natures are created by combining two or more basic natures together to create the new product.  This can only be done with the use of a Kekkei Genkai.  Advanced Nature Kekkei Genkai have their own lists of pros and cons, but one of the most notable, is that they do not have direct weaknesses to other elements, but rather unique interactions in every scenario.  What this means is, each time an advanced nature interacts with another element, it will produce a different result.  As such, we cannot outline their interactions here.  Additionally, each advanced nature will have its own mechanics, and will be outlined in the clan apps.

A note about advanced natures:  If a clan already uses an advanced nature, you CANNOT make another clan that uses it.  Elements that, in Naruto, are not tied to a particular clan as a kekkei genkai WILL be tied to a clan here before their use.
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Element System
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