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 Kuroh Akane [FIN]

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Gender: MALE
Age: 14
Clan: Akane Clan
Village: Shinringakure/Land of Forests
Rank: D/Genin

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170 lbs.

Kuroh Akane [FIN] Kuroh10

Apparel: Typically he wears a white button up shirt with a tie, though the tie is more often than not slightly undone. Over this, he wears a black overcoat that comes down to his knees. His trousers are black and somewhat dressy, though they offer range of movement and such so that combat is still an option. His hair is always kept in a ponytail.

Life Goal: His goal in life is to eventually either become the Clan Head or to take over his village, not by force obviously, but by becoming strong enough to earn that right. So, a generalized goal for him, is to become as strong as possible.

Quirks: He has a habit of saying, "Hm" in response to people at different times, whether he is bored, annoyed, angry or just too lazy to respond to them, he uses this to acknowledge that he heard them, but to also denote he has nothing else to add.

Likes: List 5 likes your character has.  Include small things and big things.  Feel free to expand on each like with a few sentences, but it is not obligatory.

  1. He is an avid learner. If he isn’t reading, he is training. He believes that knowledge is power and acts accordingly.
  2. He enjoys meeting new people and seeing the way that they think.
  3. He finds enjoyment in a battle with an opponent that is equally skilled as he.
  4. He feels that respect is earned, not given. As such, he enjoys spending time with those who earn his respect.
  5. He likes pocky. The reason is obvious, it is the GREATEST treat available to mankind. End of story.

Dislikes: List 5 things your character dislikes.  Same as above.

  1. He dislikes weakness of any kind. He dislikes it in himself as well as in others.
  2. He dislikes those who are disloyal to their clan or village. Regardless of where they come from, he has no tolerance for traitors.
  3. He hates waiting, and he will hate you if you waste his time. Be warned.
  4. He dislikes those that seem incompetent or unable to meet the standards he sets for himself and those around him.
  5. He hates Avocados.

Loyalties: His primary loyalty, while generally unknown to most, is to himself. He looks out for himself above all others and acts accordingly to keep himself safe and accomplish his goals above all else. Secondly, he is loyal to his clan. This is much more open and evident. He is always there to support his family and he holds them to a higher standard than even what he holds others in his village. Thirdly, he is loyal to his village. He will defend it so long as it does not cross his other two loyalties. He holds those in his village to a higher standard than those of other villages. Finally, he is loyal to his team. Whoever that may be, is held to a very high standard, but he will also defend them to the last breath, provided they don’t threaten his other loyalties.

Personality: Kuroh is a generally calm person, always thinking things through logically and going for the most rational course of action. He is typically kind to most people from his village, unless they prove to be either weak or traitors. When in a group with others, he will often propose his ideas, but allows for the majority to choose what the best course of action is and provided it doesn’t personally endanger him, he will go along and be a team player. He has no tolerance for weakness or disloyalty from anyone, but holds those around him to a higher standard. He looks up to members of his clan that are powerful and those of the village who hold power, but as such, he holds them to a super high standard even compared to those around him.

When angered or annoyed, he will become cold and callous. Doing nothing but what he needs to accomplish his goal, not caring what happens to those who are against him, dead, dying or alive. He isn’t concerned in the least. He usually won’t go out of his way to kill someone, unless that is his mission or they have truly pissed him off. And if you manage to do that, good luck. To those who actually manage to grasp his cold heart, gain a friend and ally for life. He will always be there for those who he considered friends and will be loyal to them until they prove unworthy of said loyalty.

Biography: Kuroh Akane was born to the son of the previous clan head of the Akane clan. He was born in a unique time for the Akane clan as they were only starting to integrate into the unique society of Shinringakure. They, of course, remained mostly outside of village happenings and avoided politics as best they could. They had no interest in becoming targets of any kind. Kuroh was born to Kuzon Akane, a relatively popular Jonin of the village. His father was slated to take the place of Kuroh's grandfather, Iroh, the moment the man retired or died. Unfortunately for Kuroh, the man died.

The thing that made this event particularly upsetting, is that Kuroh was very close to his grandfather. The man taught him everything he knew about being a ninja, and imparted much wisdom to him from a young age. His personality is prevalent in Kuroh, so much so, that many liken him to a younger version of his grandfather. This death made Kuroh into the ninja he is, by inspiring him to push past his inhibitions and fears and to become a man that his grandfather would be proud of.

From the day of the funeral to the present, Kuroh has done little more than train, sleep, eat and repeat. He spent countless hours pouring over the clans scrolls, reading all he could about their kekkei genkai and their hidden techniques. But, it was his training of these things that set him apart from other young ninja in his clan. He was the youngest to learn them, and the youngest to master them, beating even his father and grandfather's shared record of 18. This was no small task, and the success of that training pushed him forward to want to achieve loftier goals in his life. All to make Iroh proud.
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Kuroh Akane [FIN]
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